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Fairy Art and Fantasy Art Cards

Fairy Art and Fantasy Art Cards

If you have a love of all things Fairy and Fantasy then you need to see the amazing work by artist Digby Curtis.

New Fantasy Art brings you a beautiful collection of Greetings Cards, merging fabulous Faeries with magical Art Cards and inspiring Spiritual pieces, all of which can simply be enjoyed for their enchanting beauty; but with quiet contemplation you may well discover hidden depths in them, revealing a world where our inner child still lives and plays, and our creative imagination reigns.

New Fantasy Art was created to show and share the mystical artwork of Digby Curtis.

The Fantasy Collection is a set of mystical cards presenting deeply perceived spiritual concepts, expressed in an Art form that transcends the limitations of language and isolated religions, embracing such themes as the surrounding metaphysical Matrix we call space, quantum mechanics, Pagan Mythology, Yoga and Meditation, with Consciousness, Buddha and Sri Sathya Sai Baba taking their place in the order of things, though all are but fleeting appearances in an ever changing Dream.

The Faery Cards offer a delightful taste of the innocence and creative wonder of Mother Earth, Her radiance reflected in beams of shimmering golden light, whilst also taking us deep into the shadows of Her dappled woods where we step into the mystical world of Pan and His faery Folk, glimpsing the awesome ancient magic hiding there.

Fairy and Fantasy Art Greetings Cards

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