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Isle of Wight Ecommerce, IOW Online Shop

Isle of Wight Ecommerce, IOW Online Shop

We are very happy to have designed and built a new Isle of Wight Ecommerce site for Wight Leather Craft.

The new e-commerce site has a number of advanced features to help Wight Leather Craft get the best out of their new online shop including:

  • Customer account system, where returning customers can just log in and order without having to re-submit details.
  • It displays a random selection of products on the front page each time the page is refreshed.
  • It shows a random new item and random product review, it will also list all of your best sellers with links to the pages as and when things start to sell.
  • It has a site search facility, so people can search for random key words or by designer or click on ‘what’s new’ to see all the latest items.
  • On the products that are available in different sizes, colours or with optional extras such as embossing it gives people the option to add these on.
  • It manages customers without the client having to do anything, it sends automatic welcome emails, sends them a new password if they forget it , sends them order confirmations and receipts etc.
  • It has a full back end management system where our client can easily list an unlimited number of products, categories etc and run special offers, send email to all customers at once etc and easily put items in and out of stock or control stock and prices.
  • It has a link to the customers other website on every page.
  • It helps expose customers to more products by showing best sellers, items that other people have bought etc when they are viewing individual products.

If you want to sell your products and services online and feel an Ecommerce site would benefit your business visit our main website at for full details