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eBay Scam Email Warning

eBay Scam Email Warning

Be aware, eBay scam emails circulating.

One of our clients forwarded an email to us today claiming to be from eBay, however, this is not a genuine email from eBay and is in fact a scam.

A screen shot of the email is below and at first glance it does appear to be a genuine eBay email, however, the link within the email, which the sender of the email invites you to click on, goes to a fake eBay site and at this point, if you enter your eBay account details, the criminals behind this scam will have your eBay log in information.

Screen shot of fake email

ebay scam warning

You can make sure you are visiting the genuine eBay site by typing the eBay website ( address directly into your browser address bar and then after you log in on the genuine site any issues with your account will be shown in the ‘my eBay’ section.

How eBay’s website address should look in your address bar


eBay give advice on how to deal with fake emails and attempted scams on their website here

Stay safe online, never click on links in emails that you believe to be suspicious and always check the website address of the site you are visiting in your address bar when you are on any secure website such as your online banking, facebook etc to make sure you are on the genuine website.

Please share this with your friends and family.