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Facebook Scam Email Alert

Facebook Scam Email Alert

Below is a screen shot of a ‘Phishing’ email received this morning pretending to be from facebook.

‘Phishing’ emails, are scam emails that try to get you to go to a fake site for the purpose of stealing your log in and other info.

Worryingly this latest one looks just like the emails that facebook actually send out however the links in the original email go to a fake facebook site where you are invited to enter your email address and password, it is at this point that the scammers then have your real facebook log in details.

To protect your self from Phishing emails you should never click on links in emails, it is always best to open your browser and type the website address that you want to visit / log into straight into your browser, you can then be sure that you are visiting the genuine site. This goes for any site that you need to log into, for example your online banking, Amazon, Twitter, iTunes etc etc etc.

facebook have a page that gives advice on avoiding / reporting scams here

Please shere this information with your friends and family.

Screenshot of fake email below: