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FREE Web Design for UK Charities

FREE Web Design for UK Charities

I am very pleased to have built two new website in the last week for two very worthy UK charities.

Shanti International

Shanti International at, Shanti International describe their charity as follows:

  • We Address the legitimate concerns of people and families living with HIV/AIDS and providing care and support services.
  • Protect young girls and women from crimes like domestic violence, trafficking for flesh trade, child prostitution, child labour and other forms of expectation.
  • Provide care and rehabilitation to isolated rural families for children with special needs and disabilities.

Visit Shanti International’s new website at

Fishermead Trinity Centre

The Trinity Centre was built in 1979 to service the recreational needs of the residents of Fishermead in Milton Keynes.

The centre is run by the Trinity Trust, a registered charity.

Over the years it has held many local events. Many adult Fishermead residents have fond memories of going to playschool and youth club back in those early days and still access the centre to this day.

Visit the new Fishermead Trinity Centre website at

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