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Good Website Photography, A Must!

Good Website Photography, A Must!

One of the main things that will make or break your new website is the quality of the photographs that you use on your site.

These days you have just a few seconds to keep people on your website and the old saying that a picture paints a thousand words has never been truer than it is now.

Quite simply most people will not bother to read your website text unless they decide to stay on the site. You still need to have good, clear keyword rich text for the search engines and for people to read once they do decide to stay on the website but in the first instance you need to grab their attention and get them to stay and the best way to do this is with beautiful photographs that make it very clear what your website is all about.

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Website Photography Tips


There is no point spending good money on your new website then putting low res, badly lit, poorly constructed pictures all over the site. When people come on to the website for the first time they will instantly judge the quality of the products or services that you offer on the quality of your photographs. If your pictures show a grainy, dark blurry hotel or B and B people will instantly believe you run a dark and dirty establishment. If your product pictures on your online shop are small, dark, blurry and taken on a crumb covered rug then people will instantly think you keep your products in a mucky old shed at the bottom of your garden.

Good quality photographs, taken in good light with a clean background and well constructed and composed will instantly tell your site visitors that they can expect a high quality product or service from you.


The size of the pictures that you display on your website has an impact on two things. Firstly how quickly your web pages load and secondly on how well people can see what you have on offer.

If you add photos to your website that are too big your website pages will load really slowly and this will cause your website visitors to click off your site as they will not wait for the pages to load but also it will give your website a low SEO score as the search engines do not like slow loading pages. So as a general rule of thumb try to keep your pictures to around 800 to 1000 pixels wide. This is a good size to allow for quick loading on most devices.

If you add pictures that are too small, all this will do is cause your website visitors to look elsewhere for the products and services that you offer as they will not be able to see enough detail. When you are selling products on line people want to be able to see the products in close detail so a series of good quality, sensible sized pictures taken at different angles will do this. If you are offering a service such as hotel accommodation good sized images of your accommodation and facilities will let people see exactly what they can expect when they book with you.

So the rule is, keep the pictures small enough to load quickly and big enough to see detail, so around 800 to 1000 pixels wide.


Don’t be tempted to throw the odd really bad picture in with all the good photos on your website. Just one dodgy photo in amongst all the good ones will have the same effect as publishing a load of rubbish pictures and then all your good work will be lost. Keep your photos consistent across the whole site, same style, lighting, backgrounds, size etc. This makes the site flow and makes the experience of being on your site easy on the eye for the people visiting the site.


We mentioned having several photos in series for the products you are selling online. Imagine you are the person buying the products that you are selling. When you pick up a product in a shop to look at it you turn it round, look at the back and front etc. Your photos on your online shop need to allow people to do the same. This is especially important with products such as clothing, ornaments, jewellery etc. There are some products where it doesn’t matter so much such as cards, paintings etc but it is still good practice to do it anyway.

Recent Photo Shoot

IOW photographer Clint Oliver working a recent shoot for Wight Clarity

Isle of Wight Photographer

Isle of Wight Photographers

Isle of Wight Photographers

And The Result – Beautiful Photographs Every Time!

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Written by Blogger Jamie Penn – May 9th 2015