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Increase Your Social Network Following

Increase Your Social Network Following

How To Increase Your Social Network Following for FREE

Some really obvious ways to increase your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and the other social networks for FREE but ways that are often overlooked.

The ultimate aim for your business when increasing your social network following is to have more people and organisations to market your products and services to and more people and organisations to help you promote your services on their own social networks.

There are lots of organisations that will be very happy to charge you for building up your social network following but there are some quite obvious things that you can do for FREE that are very quick and simple. A few of these are explained below.

1. Ask People

It may seem stupidly obvious but often if you ask people to drop by your facebook page, twitter page etc and like / follow you many of them will. In particular this relates to all of the business contacts that you probably engage with on a regular basis, in return you can like / follow them and you can both help each other to promote your products and services.

The easiest way to do this is to drop a quick email to all of your contacts, an example of this could be:

Dear _______

As part of the process of keeping customers, clients and suppliers up to date with all of the latest news and information we will be posting regular updates on the social networks.

We’d be really pleased if you’d stop by and like / follow us and if you send us links to your own social network accounts we will return the compliment.

You can follow us on facebook at (Insert a link to your facebook page eg. )

You can get updates via twitter at (Insert a link to your twitter profile eg. )

Many Thanks

Copy the above template into a new email and replace the links with links to your own social network accounts, you’ll be surprised how many new followers you pick up.

2. Links In Your Email Signature File

Like many business’s you probably send and reply to numerous emails every day. Adding a signature to your emails with links to your website and to your social network accounts can bring more visitors to your website and additional followers to your social network pages.

Here is an example of my email signature that goes automatically into all of the emails that I send. People can click on the website address and the icons to be brought directly to our social network accounts, live chat, website etc.


Adding a signature file to your emails can be as simple as just having text links to your website, facebook, twitter etc or depending on how creative you want to be you can add images, icons and pictures but just by having this there you will get more website visitors and more people liking / following your social network profiles.

3. ‘Follow Us’ Links On Your Website

Connect With UsIf you have social network accounts and you don’t have any links to them on your website you are missing a trick.

There are a huge number of people that will actually look for the social network links on your website because they prefer to engage with you via the social networks rather than just by reading the info on your website.

Your ‘follow us’ links could look something like the ones at top right of all our blog pages or they can be themed to match your website like the ones in the sidebar of this website or this website or the black and white ones on this website or the ones in the footer of this website.

Adding ‘follow us’ links or ‘connect with us’ links or whatever you choose to call them will definitely help bring extra visitors and more followers to your social network pages.

4. Social Network Sharing Buttons

Another must have for all websites these days are social network sharing buttons. You can see these at the end of this article and at the end of all of our blog pages and website pages.

When a visitor to your website clicks on one of the sharing buttons they are telling everyone in their own social network about your website and helping to bring more visitors to your website.

For example if I click on the facebook sharing button at the bottom of this page it brings up a little pop up that will let me just click to post a link to this page on my facebook page.

When people do this on your website they are marketing your services for you and bringing people within their network to your website and it costs you nothing at all but the results is that more people see your website and potentially engage with you, follow you etc.

It’s always amazing what people will and will not share, for example on this blog I write about scams, SEO tips, security issues, new projects etc but the most popular post to date, the one to be more shared than any other was bizarrely an off the cuff quick article that I posted about my recent prostate examination ! Crazy.

having social network sharing buttons on all of your website pages will definitely increase your websites visibility and will bring you more followers and fans.

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