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iTunes Account Deleted Scam Warning

iTunes Account Deleted Scam Warning

A scam email pretending to be from Apple iTunes is doing the rounds with the title:

“Account Deleted due to TOS Violations”

The email states in it’s opening line:

“This message confirms that your Apple Account was deleted due to a violation of our Terms of Service that was left unresolved.”

This is a scam or ‘Phishing’ email and does not originate from Apple. The link in the email goes to a fake site where, once you have entered your apple id, the scammers then have your log in details to the real Apple site.

If you receive an email like this it is best to just delete it.

Apple’s website gives advice on Phishing and Other Suspicious email’s here

Any suspicious emails can be forwarded to

Screen shot of the fake email below:

iTunes Account Deleted Scam Warning

Please share this info to help keep your friends and family safe from scams.