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Latest PayPal Email Scam Alert

Latest PayPal Email Scam Alert

Below is a screen shot of a very realistic looking fake PayPal email that we received today.

These so called ‘Phishing emails’ work by causing the receiver to be alarmed by the content making them click straight away on the links in the email which instead of going to the genuine PayPal site take the person to a fake PayPal site, once you are at the fake site and you enter your log in details the criminals behind these scams then have your log in details for your real PayPal account.

As always the advise is that if you receive any questionable emails that appear to be from PayPal you can forward them to and PayPal’s security team will investigate them.

It is good practice to never click on links in emails to go to PayPal, instead you should open your browser and type into the address bar of your browser to be sure you are visiting the genuine PayPal site. Once you are logged into your genuine PayPal account you will be able to see any account activity which you can then compare to any alert emails you have received.

Remember that it is always worth using a unique, highly secure password for your PayPal account and you should never reveal your password to anyone.

Screen shot of the fake email below:

Latest PayPal Email Scam Alert

Please share this info to help others stay safe online.