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MCM Comic Con London 2015

MCM Comic Con London 2015

If cosplay, gaming, youtube, sci-fi, anime or fantasy are your thing then you were probably at MCM Comic Con London 2015 this weekend.

For me it was a whole new experience which I was introduced to when my son asked me to take him to the event. I was vaguely aware that people like to dress up as their favorite sci-fi, fantasy, cartoon, film and game characters and get together once in while but I had no idea of the scale of the thing. I was trudging around the event in my comfy jeans and plain t-shirt feeling very under dressed and rubbing shoulders with Captain America, Super Mario, Chu Baca, Lara Croft, Dr Who, Wonder Woman, The Joker, The Yogs Cast, Ashens and untold numbers of princess’s, warriors, gaming characters, sci-fi heroes, villains and monsters when it hit home that this is a massive past time for some people. Suddenly my occasional bit of fishing, sitting quietly reading a classic novel or watching a bit of Question Time seemed quite boring by comparison!

 MCM Comic Con London 2015

“Cosplay” was a word I had never heard until this weekend. For the uninitiated it is a performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent their specific gaming, fantasy and film characters. Some of the costumes were stunning with intricate detail and with huge sums of money and time invested in getting the look just right and all credit to the people involved, the vast majority really pulled it off. There were one or two, like the Shrek character that looked like he had a green condom on his head, the chap in the Buzz Lightyear onesy and Mario hat and the guy with the giant fake rubber breasts and leather thigh high boots that did make me wince a little bit though.

My son of course was in his element. he met his favorite You Tubers, shook hands with Darth Vader, collected autographs and filled his phone with dozens of selfies so 10 out of 10 in the father points department for taking him to the event. Overall an enlightening, entertaining and eye opening experience, a proper nerd fest.

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Written by Blogger Jamie Penn – May 25th 2015