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NatWest Scam Email Alert

NatWest Scam Email Alert

The latest in the scam emails doing the rounds this week is this one received today pretending to be from Nat West Bank.

The email contains a link which when clicked on takes you to a fake Nat West site which attempts to get you to put your online banking log in details in, at this point the scammers then have your details!

There are loads of these that do the rounds every day, not just pretending to be Nat West but all of the major banks, they often use the banks logo in the email to make them look more genuine but they are scams or “phishing” email’s as they are more commonly know.

If you get an email like this delete it and do not click on the links in it.

To ensure you are always visiting your banks genuine website always type the website address of your bank straight into your browsers address bar and never click on links in emails.

If you receive any suspicious emails that claim to be from Nat West you can forward these to or you can get further help on Nat West’s website at

Keep yourself safe and secure online, please share this info.

Copy of scam email below