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Netflix Scam Email Warning

Netflix Scam Email Warning

A scam email is doing the rounds this week pretending to be from Netflix and asking you to log in to your Netflix account to verify payment details.

The scam email, or ‘Phishing’ email as these scams are known, contains a link to a fake website, where, if you enter your details, your log in details and other info will be stolen by the scammers.

Below is a screen shot of the scam email.

Netflix Scam Email

If you receive one of these emails do not click on the link. You can go directly to the real Netflix website by typing into the address bar of your browser and then once logged in you can look at your account from there. The general rule of thumb is to never click on links in emails to log in pages as they may well be fake.

You can report suspicious activity to Netflix via their website.

Please share this to help others stay safe online.

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