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Protect Your Facebook Business Page

Protect Your Facebook Business Page

Online attacks on Facebook can range from fake negative comments to campaign pages and trolls to accounts impersonating your business or brand and more.

The following are a few tips to help protect your facebook page and your facebook reputation.

Privacy Settings

Within the settings of your business facebook page you can set up things like a profanity filter to stop people posting bad language on your page and various other privacy settings and filters.

To get to these, log into your business facebook page then click on ‘Settings’, you will then get a page that looks something like this:


It is worth just clicking through all of the settings in turn and making sure you have things set to a certain standard, some of the settings I would recommend are:

  • Make sure the profanity filter is turned on
  • Disable posts by other people on your time line (people can still like and comment
    but just won’t be able to post spam)
  • In the ‘Notifications’ setting make sure it is set to notify you each time there is activity
    on your page, this way you are alerted to all comments and can re-act to anything
    potentially damaging straight away.


As with all accounts that you have to log into it is very important to make sure you are using a secure password to deter hackers from taking over your account but with facebook you can also set up what is called ‘log in notifications’, which means you get an alert by text each time your account is logged into but you can also set up what is called ‘log in approvals’ which adds an additional layer of security to your facebook page by requiring you to enter a unique constantly changing code number when you log in which gets sent to your mobile phone, you can set this up on this page here and it is worth doing to keep the hackers and trolls out of your account.

Removing and Reporting Offensive / Spam Comments

If someone posts any kind of offensive, defamatory or spam comment on any post you have added to facebook you can remove it and report it really easily.

Simply hover your mouse over the right hand side of the comment and a little popup will come up saying ‘hide’ (see image below)


Click on the little cross underneath the word ‘hide’ and the comment will be hidden from view.

You will then get offered other options including:

Unhide · Delete · Report · Ban

Click on any of those options to take the necessary action.

Someone Impersonating Your Business or Brand

If someone sets up a facebook page and pretends to be you or your business or brand you can report the details to facebook here

Abuse, Harassment or Hacked Facebook Account

These can also easily be reported to facebook on this page

Take Responsibility and Think Before You Post

The biggest damage you can do to your business can often be self inflicted if you post on your facebook page without first thinking through what you are saying.

There are many subjects that cause offence and the use of inappropriate language and hot headed replies to comments can be a killer for any business. You can also compromise your security and privacy by posting content that may reveal things about you and your business that you really don’t want people to know.

The General Rules Are:

1. Avoid posting anything political.

2. Avoid posting anything religious.

3. Avoid anything that may lead to you being accused of any kind of prejudice.

4. Think about the phraseology and language that you use, what may be acceptable in your close circle of friends or colleagues may cause extreme offence to anyone on the outside and in the wider world.

5. Avoid posting anything that compromises the security and privacy of your business, premises, clients and staff. For example if the boss is off on holiday don’t go announcing when, where to, how long for and where he lives! Or setting your status as ‘walking to the bank with this weeks takings’!

Share this info to keep your friends, colleagues and family safe online.

Written by Blogger Jamie Penn – March 1st 2015