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Protecting Your Twitter Reputation

Protecting Your Twitter Reputation

Online reputation attacks on twitter can range from negative comments, spam messages to someone impersonating your business or brand.

Below is a few tips to help you protect your twitter account.

Privacy and Security

To access your privacy and security settings in twitter hover over your profile image icon in the top right hand side and then click on ‘settings’ (see image below)


In the security and privacy setting you can set up ‘log in verifications’ where you get a random code number text to you to each time you log in, this is a good way of keeping the hackers out but the first line of defence is to ensure you are using a good secure password.

Reporting Offensive / Spam Comments and Messages

If someone posts something offensive and references your user name in it you can report this by clicking on the three little dots underneath the comment and this will bring up various options that you can click on. (see image below)


In a similar way if someone sends you a direct message that is offensive you can report this by opening the message and clicking on the little icon that looks like a national speed limit sign and this will allow you to report it. (see image below)


Someone Impersonating Your Business or Brand

If someone is impersonating your business or brand on twitter you can report it by going to this page

Twitter Account Hacked or Compromised

You can use the same page to report your account having been hacked or compromised

Reporting Abuse and Harassment

To report abuse or harassment either directed at yourself or at anyone else you can use this page on twitter

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