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Royal Mail Malware / Virus Alert

Royal Mail Malware / Virus Alert

An email claiming to be from Royal Mail is currently being received by a lot of people, the email has a zip file attached to it which contains a virus / malware.

A copy of the email is below, it has a zip file attached to it with a .exe file inside, if you open the zip file and run the .exe file it will infect your computer. The email is titled “Lost / Missing package” and the attachment is called “″, however the name of the attachment and title may vary from email to email.

The rule of thumb is never open attachments in emails from anyone you do not know even if you recognise the company name.

The emails are not connected with the real Royal Mail in anyway, despite them appearing to arrive from and containing the Royal Mail’s logo.

If you receive this email just delete it. Do not open the attachment or you could run the risk of having your computer infected with the malware.

Please share this important info.

Copy of email below:

Royal Mail