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Scam Email Alert (Another One!)

Scam Email Alert (Another One!)

I am constantly amazed and at the same time constantly irritated by the number of these scam emails that go around, the example below was forwarded on to me by my good friend John Cattle from Wight Trash.

If you get anything like this be sure to delete it and do not get sucked in! The sad thing is that someone somewhere will get drawn in by this so please make anyone aware that you feel may be vulnerable to these type of scams.

This one even goes as far as offering ID to verify their identity but I think it’s the really really bad spelling that gives it away!

This is the actual email exchange below between John and the scammer.

From: Mr.Tim J W Tookey

Group Finance Director of
Lloyds Banking Group
25 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HN

Good day,

I am Mr. Tim J W Tookey, the Group Finance Director of Lloyds Banking

Group I personally discovered a dormant account with a total sum of

$45,000,00000 [FOUTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS] during our Bank’s Annual Year

Account Auditing. Since the death of the deceased, nobody has operated in

this account till date. Moreover, this account has NO BENEFICIARY attached

to it.


Definitely, this fund will be confiscated by our BANKING CODE OF ETHICS if

it remains dormant for a period of [10] years without any claims. In this

regard, I earnestly need your full cooperation in transferring this money

out of our bank to avoid our bank confiscating this fund.


HOW THE TRANSACTION CAN BE HANDLED: As the group finance director of our

bank, all our client account details and file are in my possession and that

makes it easy for me to include your name as the beneficiary of the fund in

all necessary documents involving the money we wish to transfer out from

our bank.


Most importantly, you will be required to:

(1). Act as the original beneficiary of the funds.

(2). Receive the funds into a business/private bank account.

(3). At the completion of this transaction, the sharing rates shall be 50%

for me while 50% for you.


Note: I will split the transfer into two 2 stages for easy and smooth

transfer. Firstly, the sum of $20,000,000.00 will transfer to any valid

foreign account you will nominate, then upon a successful transfer without

any disappointment from our side; I will then fly to meet you in your home

destination for sharing, thereafter we will jointly transfer the remaining

balance of $5,000,000.00. I will also like us to invest some part of the

money in your country.


If you accept to work with me, you will be given 50% of the total money as

your share and 50%. So the main question is, will you partner me in this

transaction. If you are willing to cooperate in this project, Kindly view

my identification link below and also contact me.




Yours truly,

Tim Tookey

Group Finance Director


Subject: Re: Acknowledge Receipt

Dear Tim,
Please help me get 50% of this money.
what can i do to help you and work with you.


From: Tim Tookey

Sent: 04/04/13 08:36 AM

To: John Cattle

Subject: Forging Ahead Mr. John


Dear John
Thanks for your mail. and request of how and what to do next, it is very simple and easy to accomplish with your utmost cooperation on my directives.
First of all i here attach a copy of work id so that you will know me more better and we get better acquainted with each other.

You and I will share $44,000,000.00USD equally each while Miss Ann Philips who is my personal secretary and she will be doing all the running’s in this project will get $1,000,000.00USD.This is because i do not want my bank to know that i personally involved in this Deal.

Its only You,I and Miss Ann Philips that are aware of this Project.Its should stay that way for our security and safety.

Do feel free to ask any question where you are not properly cleared so that i will guide and advice you accordingly so that we don’t make any mistake that will jeopardize the success of this project.

However I appreciate your prompt response which indicates your readiness to work with me in this business proposal. What i promise you is that with prompt response to my instructions and guidelines we will happily complete this transaction in no distance time.
The content of this mail describes and contains all information about this transaction. This process of funds transfer will be concluded within few working days subject to your co-operation with me.

To proceed in earnest, I will require that you send to me the below information in other for me to get some legal covering documents like the Affidavit of Prove and also a Letter of Administration from the Court of England and Wales Her Royal Majesty.This documents will back up our claim for the money to be released to you.

Once I procure the needed documents, if i am able to get those documents, I will then proceed by filing a letter for change of ownership right of the account to our bank on your behalf and for the money to be released to you.

At the acceptance of the letter by our bank, A file will be created for you by the bank as the beneficiary to the funds. With that documents which i am to procure, the law of Her Royal Majesty Court of England will have accepted you as the beneficiary of the said fund.

Once the bank grants that which i think they will because the documents i am to get will bear your name as the beneficiary of the fund. This will clearly prove to them that you are the next of kin to the account. Once they accept our proposal, A certificate of ownership will be sent to you by our bank then from there, You can then with the file/portfolio which they will create for you,proceed with the negotiation with them for the release of the money to you.

What i wish to make clear to you is that i have been in this banking field for many years and i know all about international bank transaction and change of ownership right. With my knowledge, we have nothing to worry because this transaction will be a success if you comply with my instruction.You must also note that all legal covering documents are available and ready to cover the funds once its released in your name after approval has been granted.

I will then from my end in regards to this transfer make sure that all decisions the Executive Board of the bank makes is in your favor. I will also get across to you all the documents/certificate which i send to the bank on your behalf for your own documentation.

Below are my personal details for your own documentation.
1. MY FULL NAME: Mr. Tim JW Tookey
2. HOME ADDRESS: #68 North Grove, N15 4DS,London,UK.
3. PHONE NUMBER: +447045710875
4. Position in Office: Group Finance Director with Lloyds Banking Group Plc
5. Marital Status. I am happily married with three children.
I require that you provide me with the below information’s in other for me to proceed with the first stage of this transaction which is getting the needed documents ready.

Required information:

1.Your Full Name:
2 Your Residential Contact Address:
3. Your personal Mobile Phone Number:
4. Your Company Name and contact address, Phone and Fax Numbers:
5. Your Age:
6. Marital Status:
7. Your Occupation / Position in Office:
8.A form of Identification Attached.

This transaction information is highly confidential and you should always keep it only to yourself. I would like to receive in return your acceptance to proceed as suggested. Urgency is indeed needed.

I am also looking forward to a mutual beneficial partnership with you. Thanks once again for your time.I will let you know more after i receive your response for your more clarifications.

Best Regards.
Mr.Tim Tookey
Group Finance Director of Lloyds Banking Group
25 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HN