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The Fairies Have Gone Away

The Fairies Have Gone Away

Dear Children

Bad News, The Fairies Have Gone Away!

Due to a recent feasibility and time and motion study by the management of the household and a series of rather fraught negotiations with the head of the fairy kingdom a number of our household fairies that have lived with us for many years will no longer be with us from today.

The fairy that picks up and hangs up your bath towels has moved away. The fairy that empties your bedroom bins has been re-assigned to new duties. The fairy that brings down your cups and plates from your room has retired. The fairy that puts out the recycling bin has taken extended leave. The fairy that collects up your washing and puts it in the washing basket has repetitive strain injury and has gone on long term sick. So from today these duties are all yours, if you need any advice on how best to execute these duties just ask.

The bathroom fairy that changes the empty toilet roll tubes, rinses the toothpaste out of the sink, rinses out the bath, turns off the dripping taps, puts your toothbrushes away and turns off the bathroom light has had to take up the post of ‘electrical and fire safety fairy’ due to the increasing number of electrical items in your rooms and from today this fairy will visit your bedrooms regularly to turn off your phone chargers, TV’s, consoles, laptops, hair straighteners and lights and to untangle the various bits of wire that run across and around your room, please be aware that this fairy only has one leg and can only get around a few times a day so please help by turning off what you can when you can. The bathroom fairy will not be replaced so again these duties are now all yours.

The fairy that brings in the things you leave in the car, tidies the lounge, does the washing up and puts your shoes away will only be working one day a week from now on so if you can ease the burden by doing some of this yourself the household management will be very grateful.

On a positive note some of the fairies will be staying in post for the foreseeable future. For example the fairy that does the food shopping, cooks your tea, buys your clothes, provides your school lunch money, washes and irons your school uniform and feeds the cats and dog will be staying with us until further notice, you may not see them doing their work but trust me they are still here.

We may employ more fairies in the future but for now the above explains the current position. I know that over the years you have not had a chance to meet the various fairies that have always done this fine work and so I am hoping that their departure will not be too painful for you.I did have a chance to wish all of them good luck as they left the house earlier today and they may return in the future.

Spread your wings children and let the fairy in you fly…. oh yeah and bring down your bedroom bins and hang up your towels.

Lots of Love



  1. Seawitch  February 19, 2017

    I feel for the hard working fairies that go unnoticed & unappreciated, their good intentions lost in the winter fog, but at the end of the day it won’t be too late and soon enough, those that did’nt realise the fairies worth will become fairies themselves one day..


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