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Twitter Scam Warning

Twitter Scam Warning

Please be aware of a twitter scam that appears regularly.

You may receive an email similar to the one shown as a screen shot below saying you have a private message either from someone you know and follow or someone you do not know, typically the message says something along the lines of ‘someone is saying horrible things about you’ or ‘someone has posted a horrible photo of you’. The email will include a link which takes you to what looks like a twitter sign in page. This is a fake twitter sign in page and once you have entered your user name and password the scammers then have your log in details.

To ensure you are always visiting a real twitter page always type into you address bar and never click on links to log in pages directly from emails that look like they come from twitter.

Twitter has a help page on keeping your account secure here, this includes advice such as using a strong passwords, using a https connection etc.

For further security you should use different passwords for your various online accounts including facebook, twitter, email etc. It is a nuisance having different passwords, but it is much more secure.

See the example fake email below.

Please share this post to assist anyone you know that uses twitter.

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