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Word Doc Email Attachment Virus

Word Doc Email Attachment Virus

There is a series of emails going around at the moment that appear to be from genuine companies telling the receiver that they have either just made a payment or that they need to make a payment and attached to the email is a word document claiming to be an invoice or a payment confirmation.

An example of this is shown in the screen shot below.

Visur Alert

There are other versions of this with pdf files attached or zip files attached and saying they are documents you have asked for or documents you have been expecting, they are all the same type of virus email.

If you receive an email like this it is best to delete it straight away as the attachment is a virus that is activated when you open the document attached to the email.

The people sending out these emails are using genuine companies email address’s and contact details to send out these virus attachments which makes the emails look more genuine.

Norton Security give the following advice on their website with regard to word documents containing viruses.

  • Only open email attachments that are expected and that come from a trusted source.
  • Use Internet security software that automatically scans email attachments for viruses and other malicious software before opening them.
  • Delete any suspect messages without opening them.
  • Do not click on web links or download files sent through emails or instant messages by someone you don’t know.

The example email shown above claims to be from Datasharp UK Ltd, but there are other examples from other companies going around, all using the same kind of format.

Please share this info to help keep your family and colleagues safe online.

Written by Blogger Jamie Penn – January 9th 2015